The Skatepark
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The Skatepark
A place for Grand Rapids to skate

The Clemente Skatepark Committee is working wonders to get Grand Rapids, Michigan it’s first free public park. No, it’s not easy. Yes, it’s been needed for years. Maybe we can get your help along the way. As the city explains, there is no money to go around, so our whole endeavor is fully funded by the interested people and businesses of Grand Rapids. Besides public fundraisers, private donors across town and the country are being approached as well as specific grants being applied for to help reach our full goal of nearly $700,000 to fund the park’s construction. The organically shaped concrete space will shape out approximately 200 x 300 feet of space and will include everything from transitional features such as a snake run into a clover pool to street features such as China banks with integrated benches. Find more technical details here.

Clemente Skatepark isn’t just any park either. This will be one of the most unique skateparks in the world. Over 50 extremely unique and creative forms will integrate into the beautiful woodlands of Roberto Clemente Park, an existing unused space near the intersection of Godfrey Street and B Street. Gorgeous 15 foot wide trees rest all over the proposed space and are proposed to be fully integrated into the park design. Whether it’s a surrounding skateable volcano shape, or a planter ledge that hugs them, the trees will remain as part of the course, offering shade, oxygen and good old skater peacefulness. It shall be skate mecca. Read more on the importance and advantages of concrete skateparks.

Besides leaving trees in place, our “green skate” approach has also inspired us to allot a nearly 20′ x 100′ space for a community garden proposed to be run by the surrounding Black Hills Elementary students. The skatepark design will allow for drainage of runoff rain water into garden and additional storage for water maintenance to the garden in dry times. More information can be found on our Community Garden page.

This skatepark will not only supply a place for hundreds of Grand Rapidians to skate and appreciate, it will supply a very unique travel destination for skaters from around the world. The unique concept is certain to draw attention from the skate park community worldwide, and will perhaps set an example for future parks to follow. With all of this extra traffic to this less than booming area, the surrounding businesses are certain to feel some growth. Local youth will be given productive activity to take part in, and the general well being of the surrounding community will be noticeably enhanced. We ask you to please consider the benefits of having this beautiful park, and make a donation of any amount toward it’s construction on our donation page. We want to improve Grand Rapids, but we need your help.