The Garden
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The Garden
A place for Grand Rapids to grow.

Our beautiful skatepark will sit at the far end of Roberto Clemente park, a perfect setting for a forward thinking project such as ours. Given all this great land, we would like to improve upon the quality and nature of the space to best improve the plot and the community. As part of our goal, we would like to fill a 20′ x 100′ plot at one end of the park with vegetables and native Michigan plants. We want to make a place for Grand Rapids to grow together, because, after all, not everyone skates, but we all eat. We want to provide features in the park that everyone can enjoy and appreciate.

The skatepark itself is being designed with the garden in mind. The shape will allow for water to drain from the surface and channel down into a water storage system that will be used to supply the garden with water. This will help displace the amount of water that will not be soaked up by our freshly concreted spot and it will feed the garden for free. Not only does this solve issues of water drainage, it also better disposes runoff water by filtering out unnatural additives naturally with native plants as opposed to sending them into our rivers via city sewage.  Check more information on rain gardens.

In cooperation with Black Hills Elementary we are proposing a student led garden that will help supply both the school and Hands On Hunger, part of our non-profit project, with fresh vegetables for consumption and a general knowledge of gardening. In a time where most of our processed vegetable come from outside sources that grow with chemicals both harmful to humans and our environment, we want to set an example and show the great option of growing vegetables yourself, organically. We feel that this garden is truly fitting for this space, because as a hunger fighting humanitarian, Roberto Clemente himself would support us with full force. Read more about Roberto Clemente and his charitable and astounding existence.

To find out more on how you can help support Hand On Hunger by growing a row in your garden to help fight hunger, please visit Hands On Hunger online.