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Donate to the Park
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Donate to the Park
Show Your Support, Spread The Love


The Clemente Skatepark Committee is working to get Grand Rapids, Michigan it’s first free public park. No, it’s not easy. Yes, it’s been needed for years. Maybe we can get your help along the way. As the city explains, there is no money to go around, so our whole endeavor is fully funded by the interested people and businesses of Grand Rapids. Besides public fundraisers, private donors across town and the country are being approached as well as specific grants being applied for to help reach our goal of $1.26 million to fund the park’s construction.

Anything you can donate to the greater cause of building Grand Rapids’ first free public skatepark will help make it happen sooner and better. Our plans call for a great amount of park and garden construction, but if we can exceed our target goal, we will have the ability to update the outdated bathrooms, place more drinking fountains and even build a new pavilion.

Our non profit status will allow you to write off your donations as a tax exemption, just save your google checkout receipt. If you would like to make a cash donation, please contact us, or visit Premier, and we can write you a paper receipt. All checks can be made out to Clemente Skatepark and mailed to 14 Weston St. Grand Rapids, MI 49503. We thank you for anything you can give. Even small donations help us to further what we currently have rolling down at the park space, so from our hearts, thank, thank you, thank you.

Be a donor. The following donation levels have been suggested as levels of commitment to the cause. Each of them come with some benefits (besides the ability to use this as a tax write off that everyone receives):

$1-$99: Park Friend: You get the good feeling of knowing you done good.

$100-249: Park Member: We will send a personal thank you.

$250-$499: Bronze Honors: Receive a free Clemente tee.

$500-$999: Silver Honors: Receive 5 free 3 hour skate lessons.

$1000-$4999: Gold Honors: Get a foundation brick with your name engraved on it.

$5000-$20,000: Humanitarian: Get your name listed in the donor section of the park entry sign.

$20,000-$50,000: Major Sponsor: Get your logo listed on the site as a major sponsor and your logo/ name in the sponsor section of the park sign.

$50,000-$250,000: Park Pillar: Various elements in the park can be purchased and branded with your logo or name into the cement of the park feature.

$250,000 and above: Park Owner: Get your own sign placed in the Park Owner’s Alley (along the wall facing the park in picnic/ grilling area).

OR ask about purchasing the park in whole. Beneficial branding or signage is negotiable.