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1st Jul 2014Posted in: The Blog Comments Off on Go Skateboarding Day 2014
Go Skateboarding Day 2014

Go skateboarding day gets a fair amount of flack from everyone who already skates everyday, but you can’t overlook how rad it is when at least one day out of the year you know you’re going to have a crew that’s riding thicker than a malt shake. Certainly could have used a couple of those in the jungle heat that was boiling the bodies of anyone on the sandpaper concrete of Clemente on Saturday. Thanks to Premier for free slices, Compass for organizing some energy into the event and Evan McKendry for the flier design. The rest was magic in the making.



Jean Luc: wallie 180



Mike Hoag: Frontside Blunt


Ben Buxton: Bigspin



Sean McMahon: 180 switch nose grind straight out