Park Planning
25th Apr 2010Posted in: Park Planning Comments Off on Park Planning

Thanks to the kind donations of Pillar Design, our allocated design and build company, we have received, up font, an ideal park design and, equally as important, a price spread. The park design offers a broad range of styles and levels. Everything has been considered for the beginner to the advanced as well as the street skater to the bowl skater. With this well rounded design and price chart, we move forward searching for large donors, foundations and grants in hopes that we can share our ideas with others that may agree with our cause and provide just funding. Our cause is not a cheap project, but it’s a valiant one that we have high hopes serious donor dollars will contribute to.

Currently our park plan exists in a more simple direction. Our doublewide tennis court space at Roberto Clemente Park was handed to us by the city of Grand Rapids and we have been taking advantage of it by filling with some solid pieces to skate. It all started with the remnant ramps of our 2010 Rosa Park event, most of which still exist there, and it has developed into a mature age of pure concrete work that we are proud to see grow every year. Unfortunately, our inexperienced concrete work is slow and short of perfect, but more direly, the space we are building within is being outgrown.

With the small donations we are currently receiving we are plowing forward in a “Do It Yourself,” direction, but we have high hopes for something more worthy of the title as Grand Rapid’s only skatepark. Check out the polished park design below and feel free to email any feedback or suggestions as our absolute final design may shift depending on final funding for the project.

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