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3rd Apr 2017Posted in: The Blog Comments Off on VOLUME 1 – GRAND RAPIDS

Billy Poore with a VHS edit documenting some dudes on skateboards. Plenty of Clemente goods.

3rd Apr 2017Posted in: The Blog Comments Off on Clemente 2016 Edit – Hot N’ Ready

Billy Poore with come clips that are Hot N’ Ready for your viewing Pleasure.


28th Mar 2017Posted in: The Blog Comments Off on Clemente 2015 Spring Edit

1st Jul 2014Posted in: The Blog Comments Off on Go Skateboarding Day 2014

Go skateboarding day gets a fair amount of flack from everyone who already skates everyday, but you can’t overlook how rad it is when at least one day out of the year you know you’re going to have a crew that’s riding thicker than a malt shake. Certainly could have used a couple of those in the jungle heat that was boiling the bodies of anyone on the sandpaper concrete of Clemente on Saturday. Thanks to Premier for free slices, Compass for organizing some energy into the event and Evan McKendry for the flier design. The rest was magic in the making.



Jean Luc: wallie 180



Mike Hoag: Frontside Blunt


Ben Buxton: Bigspin



Sean McMahon: 180 switch nose grind straight out



1st Jul 2014Posted in: The Blog Comments Off on Supra Demo

A great amount of thanks to the entire Supra team for making us the first stop on their Midwest tour and to everyone that came out to support. It’s always amazing to have genuine support from the brands and skaters we carry in the shop. I think it goes without saying, their’s something genuinely amazing about meeting Muska, not only to fulfill the dream of my childhood fandom, but to get me so hyped on skating to this day from one of the most positive guys in skateboarding.


Shade was crucial…




Lizard King: Kickflip nosepick tugin








Muska: Method




Muska Loves Grand Rapids, and Grand Rapids loves him back.



20th Nov 2013Posted in: The Blog Comments Off on DIY or Die



Not all that long ago, Levis and The Berrics hooked us up with a thick stack to put toward building new pieces down at Clemente. The following video is the product of where that money went and the people that shred it. A huge amount of thanks is due to everyone that put the time and effort into funding, building, filming and editing this sick clip seen below.




Big thanks to Al Partanen and Prince GilChrist for making the trip down to help make this happen. Al Partanen pictured above showing the young bloods how a proper nose blunt is done.

10th Sep 2013Posted in: The Blog Comments Off on Beta Butter

Eli Potter is taking us back to times before memory sticks. B-Side Tape edit with some skating from Chuch, Teddy Seeley, Nelson Solivan and more. Thanks for reminding me how much I love fuzzy hip hop from a tape deck overdubbed on scratchy clips.



10th Sep 2013Posted in: The Blog Comments Off on LRG Demo

A gigantic thank you to the LRG team from stopping though sleepy little Grand Rapids to skate Clemente. Got us all hyped up to build a couple new things and hopes for more to come before the end of the year. Check the edit from Greg Szudzik. Till next time….



19th Jun 2013Posted in: The Blog Comments Off on Clemente Kickstarter Promo

Here’s a little promo background on the upcoming Clemente Kickstarter video edit being assembled by Eli Potter. Personal thanks goes out to everyone that has gotten us this far including all of the city members that approved this to happen and all of the hands that have been ready to learn and volunteer down at the park. We’ve accomplished so much and this video is a good view into how far we’ve come.



19th Jun 2013Posted in: The Blog Comments Off on Police Enforcement vs. Park Endorsement

If the list wasn’t already long enough, here’s yet another reason for a skatepark to be built. The police force is threatening to drop the hammer on street skateboarders. This thing I believe they call, “grinding,” it just damages the property. Regardless of my love for pushing through the streets, there’s always a need for a park to balance out those that don’t want to take the risk.